Review – Rhythm of My Heart

Book Review:  Rhythm o f My Heart by Kemberlee Shortland

Rhythm of My Heart

Being that I am mildly obsessed with Ireland, love pubs, and cherish live music there was no way this novel wouldn’t resonate with me. That being said, you never knows exactly what kind of world you’re about to enter when cracking open the spine of a new novel (and never having read anything from the author before either.)

Let me tell you, my intuition and good feelings upon reading the back cover copy did not let me down. Rhythm of My Heart is an endearing romantic tale infused with the Irish culture, language, landscapes, and heart. Plus so much more.

Eilis Kennedy has spent the majority of her adult life focused on her career – discovering new talent for Eireann Records of Dublin. While scouting out blues guitarist, Keiran Vaughan, Eilis has a thrilling and somewhat alarming instant attraction to the handsome and rogue guitar player. She isn’t the only one who feels it – Keiran is equally drawn to her. So much so that they feel an intense visceral connection to one another.

It wouldn’t be a romance novel without a little drama, and kissing of course, and Rhythm of My Heart doesn’t disappoint. We find out quickly that Eilis is a little untrusting of men and relationships, and for what she’s been through, no one would blame her. Her character is well written and believable. Kieran is a gorgeous hunky Irishman – who happens to play guitar – but also has a history that makes you see him as a real person. He’s not perfect, but he also has sweetness and charm that any maiden in her right mind would swoon over – I also can’t leave out his stormy blue eyes and dark hair.

My favorite part of the novel is when an unexpected change in plans places Kieran and Eilis alone together in a traditional Irish country cottage. The excitement, emotion, and the drama during their stay was fabulously written and fun to read. Overall the plot moves along at a nice pace and kept me happily turning pages. There is some suspense and action, particularly at the end of the novel, involving Eilis’s boss that had me reading well into the wee hours of the night.

Rhythm of My Heart is an engaging romance that is well written with memorable characters. The dialogue flowed effortlessly and the settings couldn’t have been more realistic. If you would like to read an entertaining romance full of music and love in an Irish setting, then I highly recommend this novel.

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