What I Write and Why I Write It… Tag, You’re It!

I’ve been tagged by Katie O’Sullivan in this blogging challenge to answer four questions about my writing and then tag four other writers to do the same. 

Katie O’Sullivan is a fellow Crescent Moon Press author and some of her titles include: Son of a Mermaid, Blood of a Mermaid, and My Kind of Crazy. I’m a huge fan of Ms. O’Sullivan’s and highly recommend her novels. (Check out Katie’s website here)

So, here it goes:

What am I working on?

Thanks for asking! My latest novel is titled, The Night Medicine. It’s a Native American time travel adventure set in 1860’s in Montana territory. As is my usual M.O. there’s a lot going on with the plot. The novel features the Blackfoot Nation, and their way of life and the cultural impact from the early mining industry in the Upper Missouri region of Montana.

Here is a partial blurb – (It’s not finished.)

Three Natives Americans time-travel from 2012 to 1868 through the practice of an ancient ceremony and with the help of a medicine pipe passed down through generations to Piegan clan member, Dean Wolfsblood. Badger, Dean’s ex-marine buddy, bribes him to take the trip into the past, but surprise awaits them as Kai accidentally falls into the adventure with them. With well meaning intentions gone with the winds of time, deceit, lies, kidnapping by Salish warriors, and facing a treacherous gold-laden mining past, the three weary travelers begin to mentally unravel and their individual secrets are slowly revealed. Can they survive history long enough to make it back, or will the past change their futures forever?

How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

I think my plots are unique. I love unexpected twists that surprise the readers. I can’t say that falling in love is untold in fiction, but falling in love with an Angel of Death (An Angel Falls series) whose only desire is to return to his former life at the risk of his eternal soul is different than what I’ve read before. My characters entertain and enlighten me daily. I hope my readers feel the same way.

Why do I write what I do?

There are few things in a lifetime that scream at you to follow through. Writing screams – no it sings – to me daily.

Joseph Campbell said this, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

The writing door swung wide open for me and I had to enter. Paranormal comes to me naturally. The supernatural has fascinated me since I was very young. As for historical, I love it! Writing my current novel has been an excellent excuse to study about early American history and the Plains tribes.

How does my writing process work?

I need uninterrupted quiet time to let the words flow through me and onto the page.

Do I struggle to find this time?  Yes, of course. But I keep writing anyway – mostly late at night.

Writing improves my sanity on a daily basis. My family can attest to that. I write as often as I can. I read all different genres and study like I was back in college. And I edit. I go over my manuscripts multiple times before anyone can read my work. The amount of hours involved in writing is more than a full-time job, but it’s the best job I could ever have!

Do you have a passion that occupies your mind and tantalizes your soul?

If so, share it with the world. You won’t regret it! If not, keep seeking your bliss. Listen to your spirit – your inner voice that says, “This (activity) makes me smile inside.” Then do it as often as possible!

Now I tag:

Louann Carroll:   http://www.louanncarroll.com/

Jean Murrayhttp://jean-murray.com/

Diane J. Reedhttp://www.banditsranch.com/

Alythia Brownhttp://www.alythiabrown.com/

Thank you for stopping by!

Cheers,  Jody

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