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Haunting Me
An Angel Falls #3
Genre: NewAdult‬ Paranormal‬ ‪‎Romance‬

I hope you fall in love with the newest book in the series! So much happens in Haunting Me. The 3rd installment of An Angel Falls is an emotional roller coaster ride – my editor was in tears – and my beta reader was laughing her butt off. Those are always good signs! 🙂 Keep reading to find out more.

Haunting Me - Resized Official -Ebook - 800 x 1200

On the Back Cover:
Angel of Death, Nathaniel Evans’, newest case sends him on a perilous and magical journey to the Irish countryside in search of one unattainable answer: How does an Angel of Death fall from grace and return to life?

Back in Colorado, Juliana’s mishaps with a book of spells and her well-meaning attempts to save her brother’s life could cost her more than a ghostly haunting and a deadly virus. It could cost her everything she loves – her family, her home and her relationship with Nathaniel.

While on the hunt for answers, Nathaniel finds himself imprisoned with fairies and fighting a battle of strength, skill, wit and sorcery to win his freedom back from a ruthless fallen angel. Nathaniel must survive the duel if he wants to change his destiny and fulfill his desire for mortality and a chance to be with Juliana forever.

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Read an Excerpt from the Novel

“What happened? What’s going on with Jared?”

My mom’s lip quivers as she shakes her head. “His blood pressure is so low. And he has fluid in his lungs. They think it’s hantavirus, sweetie. It came on so fast. I didn’t know he was this sick. His heart… It’s not…. It’s struggling.”

She can’t say it aloud. I don’t blame her and I’m not even sure I want to know the details. I’ve never seen my mom like this. Being shaken to your core is a wake-up call like no other.

Letting go of Mom, I move around the side of the bed and take Jared’s hand in mine. Mom takes his other one.

I give the Angel of Death, Marcus, a death glare. Only for a second. Just long enough for him to see that I know he delayed me on purpose. I’d like to drill him with a few questions about our little adventure, then slap him halfway to Pluto, but I won’t let him distract me from Jared any longer than he already has.

“Hantavirus?” I say. “Can’t you get that from mouse droppings?”

“Yes, you can,” Mom whispers.

I close my eyes and sigh, feeling defeated. Even at home, being extra super-duper careful, Jared still couldn’t escape the grip of death. “He was searching inside the garden shed. He said it was disgusting inside.”

“That was probably it,” she says. Tears leak down her face and she looks up at the doctor to see if he’s listening.

I can’t stand to see my mom crying so I stare down at my brother in the bed. “Jared?” I whisper. He doesn’t respond. He’s unconscious. I lean over and kiss his forehead. “You can wake up now, baby brother. You have too much to do, remember?” I stroke the side of his hair and give it a little tug like I used to do when I was really little and wanted his attention. “You’re not done, and I’m not done being your sister.”

The doctor murmurs to my mom, “If he doesn’t start to respond soon, we’ll try what we discussed earlier.”

Mom gives the faintest of nods and the doctor slips out of the room. The nurse moves a chair from over by the corner and places it behind me. I give her a weak smile and sit down.

Before leaving, she hugs my mom and says, “He’ll wake up, Diane. He’s young and strong.”

Jared is young, but he’s just not as strong as he used to be after his last near-death experience. I take a deep breath and close my eyes against the heaviness in the room.

“Mom,” I say as I look over at her.

She tears her gaze away from Jared’s face. Her fear is the most frightening thing I have ever seen in my life. I dig deep, pulling every ounce of determination and faith I didn’t know I had from somewhere bottomless and profound. There must be a well of strength buried inside this body. It’s a place no one ever wants to unearth and tap into. Yet, people reach this unbearable level of pain and drink from the sacred hidden depths within themselves somehow managing to accomplish all that needs to be done. Nineteen years old happens to be my time for this bitter drink of reality.

“Take my hand,” I whisper as I reach across the cotton blanket covering Jared’s body.

The three of us form a circle. There’s still no response from Jared. The hum and beep of his monitors fill the room with the eerie reminder Jared may not make it through this one.

“Jules, his life was short, but not unacknowledged.”

I ignore Marcus and center my focus only on Jared.

“There is great value in the quality of life, not the quantity.”

I release my mom and Jared’s hands and get up from the chair. Mom hardly seems to notice what I’m doing. I walk over to Marcus and stomp on his foot. Of course, I only stamp the floor, but it helps me feel better.

“I was stuck in a ditch for who knows how long while my brother was dying,” I say as calmly as I can, but it still comes out like icy needles. Needles I hope are making their points felt in Marcus’s guilty conscious.


I have a new novella coming out in November. Unwrapping Treasure is the first story in my Granite Lake Romance series – a new adult contemporary romance – What?! You may be asking, no paranormal? That’s correct, but this lovely little story will hopefully capture your heart with a couple of new and intriguing characters. I’ll be sharing the full description and cover art soon! So be on the lookout.

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Zombies & Puppies?! Oh My! Apocalypta Z by Maer Wilson

Welcome back, Maer Wilson. Apocalypta Z looks fascinating! Let’s find out more about this new release ~

Maer Wilson - apocalypta z

First – meteors. Now – zombies. Ninety-nine percent of humans and animals have become zombified, leaving the rest scrambling to survive. Maddie Worthing and Nick Stanton are among the few not infected. They’re gathering survivors and doing what they can to preserve life in their isolated desert town. Joined by the remaining townspeople and a few scientists, they search for a way to make it through the apocalypse.

The key to humanity’s continued existence may lie within the mystery surrounding Maddie’s puppy. But they need to survive the roving gangs, crazy scientists and troublemakers within their own ranks in order to discover it.

“Not since World War Z have zombies been presented in such a unique light. Give Wilson some props, and her little dog too.” Danielle DeVor, Author of Sorrow’s Point

Read an Excerpt:

An eerie keening shattered the morning air: the apocalypse had begun.

Of course Maddie Worthing didn’t know that. She just thought her dogs had to pee.

She slowed the car and darted glances at the empty desert to see what else could have set her dogs off. She saw exactly what she’d seen for the last two hours along the two-lane highway – nothing. She didn’t see the white raven fly ahead of her to the east.

“Damn it girls, settle down,” she yelled over their ear-splitting howls. “You scared the hell out of me. Inside voices!” She rolled the windows down a little, hoping the wind would settle them.

They were ten miles from the rest stop. She hated stopping only thirty minutes from home, but the dogs continued to whine, although much softer than before.

Minutes later, Maddie pulled into the rest stop. She flexed her fingers as she released them from the wheel. The arthritis and long drive were making them uncooperative. One car was parked nearby, but no one was around. Holding Cienna’s leash, she unfastened the small poodle from her car seat and crawled into the back to do the same for Chloe.

But Cienna pulled her leash from Maddie’s cramped fingers and shot out of the car.

Maddie moved fast, shutting the car door with Chloe inside. She ran after the puppy as fast as being slightly overweight and no longer young would allow. The fear for Cienna triggered adrenalin which helped.

Exasperated with Cienna for running off and with herself for her hands that didn’t work as well as when she was younger, she called Cienna as she headed toward the bushes behind the restrooms. There was an odd smell in the air, but Maddie wrote it off; it was a rest stop after all.

“Cienna, you better get your butt back here right now or you will live in the corner for the next year!” Maddie’s voice reflected her fear that the puppy would run toward the highway. She continued toward the bushes where the puppy had disappeared. Finding a long stick, she used it to prod into the underbrush, calling for Cienna all the while.

The pup had a habit of running under bushes. She’d done the same thing at home on their large lot. So Cienna went into in a pen when she was outside. That stopped the dog from disappearing into the low hanging branches of the mesquite trees for hours. Cienna had not mastered “Come here” very well.

Maddie heard a sound behind her and turned to see three figures lurching from the restroom. She peered over her sunglasses in disbelief. They were dressed nicely enough, but their clothes had been ripped as if they had been in a horrible accident. One had blood dripping down the side of her face. Another had his head caved in on one side with strange growths, almost like small antlers, on the other. Maddie looked around for cameras. Had she stumbled onto one of those prank shows, maybe? Or a zombie movie set?

If so, it must have been a B movie. The makeup on these people was not very realistic. The blood looked rather thin as it trickled down their faces, but there was certainly enough gore. A man appeared to drag his intestines behind him. Maddie shook her head as she looked around again, forgetting to call for Cienna for a few seconds.

“Sorry if I stumbled onto your set,” she called to the figures approaching her. “I didn’t see any signs or anything.”

There was no answer as the figures came closer. Once they were only yards away, Maddie’s heart dropped into her stomach. That wasn’t makeup. Makeup didn’t have that god-awful smell. She made a few strangled mewling sounds before letting loose with a long scream. She threw the stick at the nearest figure and ran for the car, screaming for Cienna.

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About the Author

After a successful career being other people, and later teaching others the many tricks of that trade, Maer Wilson has decided to be herself for a while. Turns out she’s a writer. Maer AuthorShe’s always loved stories, especially fantasy, mystery and sci fi. Maer was born in the Year of the Dragon and has a dragon-themed room in her home, but sadly no dragons in the back yard. When she’s not writing, Maer plays online video games, teaches college and reads. Maer is a partner in Ellysian Press, a small publishing house. She also co-hosts the literary podcast MythBehaving. Maer lives in the high desert of Southern Nevada with her three dogs, a chihuahua and two poodles.

Her books include Relics, Portals, and Magics in the Modern Magics series. There are four prequel novelettes in the series – “Ghost Memory,” “Unwanted Ghost,”  “Ghost Dancer” and “Wedding Ghost.” A recently released box set includes all the novelettes plus a new story, “Lost Ghost.” You can find all books and novelettes in the Modern Magics series at Amazon and other online retailers.

For more info, you can visit Maer’s website at http://maerwilson.com/.

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