Love Potion #9 – 14 Paranormal Romances plus Kindle Giveaway!

Love Potion #9 – 14 Paranormal Romances

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Includes The Misplaced a brand new Chris Abeyta ghost hunting novel from the An Angel Falls series.

This collection of paranormal romance stories, novellas, and full-length novels has something to satisfy everyone. For those that like just a little spice to those that like it steaming hot, our 15 authors have collaborated to bring you the best in paranormal romance.

A love affair between a Russian eagle owl and a Siamese cat… A werewolf who falls in love with a ghost… Magical princesses and knights who travel through time to escape the horrors of their world… A retelling of Sleeping Beauty with vampires, magic, and terror… A mermaid with a werewolf baby who was separated from her love… shamanic magic and astral travel…all can be found within. This enormous box set offers the reader a taste of everything. You will get hours of entertainment, novelty and enjoyment all the while knowing that there will be a satisfying Happily Ever After ending to each story. No cliffhangers and no partial novels here, just spellbinding stories you can really sink your fangs… Er, teeth into.

For more details, you can read a short description of each novel/novella on Amazon. & Goodreads

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There are 7 more book covers not shown in the banner above. This box set is a steal at only .99 pennies!

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Ghost Hunting with Chris Abeyta

An Angel Falls Novella

Antisocial ghost hunter and shaman, Chris Abeyta, begins his day with an obnoxious, perky, and mysterious new client. Chris does not do “perky,” especially at four a.m. But the empathic and beguiling, Naomi, taunts him out of bed to discover an energy vortex and a horde of wicked spirits overrunning the town.
Chris and Naomi must solve the mystery of the vortex, and find the physical location of an astral traveling witch, while being taunted by an insufferable spirit guide. Will Chris’s curmudgeonly ways ruin any romantic prospects with the vivacious and magical, Naomi, or will he finally meet his match?


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Book Review – Ghosts Don’t Lie – by Katie O’Sullivan

New release from Katie O’Sullivan ~ Ghosts Don’t Lie

Ghosts Don't Lie

Genre: Romantic Suspense …with ghosts — but not the spooky kind 🙂

Approx. 250 pages

Release date: 11/11/2015

I am a big fan of Ms. O’Sullivan’s novels so I jumped at the chance of receiving an ARC copy of Ghosts Don’t Lie. Here are my thoughts:

A captivating new novel.

Ghosts Don’t Lie is a mixture of drama, psychic phenomena, romance and suspense.

Jillian is the mother of three young children and married to a disreputable lawyer. From the beginning of the novel, it’s clear Jillian is in a unhappy marriage. Then Jillian finds out her great aunt has been in a car accident and is in a coma. Jillian leaves the children with her husband and rushes to New Jersey to be with her dying aunt.

Shortly thereafter, we begin to get a sense of who Jillian really is and we find out she can speak with ghosts, but hasn’t been using her psychic gifts since she was a young teenager.  Jillian’s deceased grandmother acts as her spirit guide throughout the novel and helps Jillian when she needs her–and boy does she need her.

As the story unfolds, Jillian discovers how deceitful and dishonest her husband has been in the past, she’s reacquainted with her old best friend, meets a possible new love interest, and has a mother that’s hard to wrap your mind around. With so much going on in her life, she decides she can no longer hide her ability to communicate with the dead and begins speaking openly with ghosts. She starts using her gifts to resolve multiple family issues and help her friends.

Ghosts Don’t Lie is layered with haunting deceptions and intriguing twists and turns. Some scenes tug at your heart strings while others make your pulse race. It’s a remarkable and well written novel with a fresh perspective and a cast of memorable characters. I highly recommend this one.


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