The Yin-Yang of Burrito Giving (How to change your acidic headspace & find positivity.)

Hubs brought me a breakfast burrito this morning.

What a good guy. ❤️❤️❤️

I take back all the bad things I’ve ever said about him. 😉

haha – only kidding –

But he really is a good guy and he does things for me all the time.

Just like I do things for him. We’re partners in every sense of the word.

As I sit here at my desk with a happy full tummy (thanks Hubby) I scroll through my news feeds and daily headlines and notice so much negativity about men, men in positions of power, and men in politics doing absolutely horrible things or being accused of atrocious behavior (toward women mostly) and I think to myself, wow… *I need a good cry now* but then I remember that

~ There are more good guys on this planet than there aren’t. ~

With all the negativity floating around in the media and social media about men I choose to focus on the positive because

I believe women and men are equals. We’re not the same in some respects (obviously – his anatomy is different *cough* penis *cough-cough*) but…

Hubs and I choose to be together. Because we’re better together.

Life is about balance.  – Balance is actually one of the universal laws – and that translates to

Male~Female * Yin~Yang * Positive~Negative * Up~down * Chocolate~Salad

Let me add in here that I am NO WAY saying there isn’t a problem with our male dominated society. There are a ton of problems—and there isn’t a good balance between women and men in our current modern civilization. But does Man Shaming really help anything? And… If the tides were turned and all the headlines were focused on terrible women doing and saying terrible things, I would still write these same thoughts and say: There are more good women on this planet than there aren’t.

So for today, I remind myself of this:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What does that even mean?

Well… energetically speaking:

If you focus on the negative all the time, then that becomes your reality. Your energy will attract similar energies.

So I ask myself: Are my thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors helping make the changes I want to see in my world?

Am I focusing on too many negatives and forgetting all the positivity and love in my life? Because if I’m being a sourpus, negative, grumpy crab cake more often then I’m not, then I’ve officially become part of the problem…. (Like energies attract, remember?)


That’s now how I want to live.

But I can’t just live with my head in the sand (all the time) – hmm – or can I?  I’ve unplugged and distanced myself from all the negativity around me many times. It actually does me a lot of good, but I eventually get sucked back into the frenzied mess we call modern life.

And being in an acidic headspace is emotionally draining and depressing. And guess what?  If I’m emotionally drained and depressed then I will attract more of that energy to myself.

– Which has dire consequences on my physical well-being. Because…. in case you didn’t know or have forgotten.  The mind~body~soul are one. They are not separate parts of a whole. We are whole beings not hole beings.

There is no separation between mind and body. <– If you’ve never heard that before, put it on repeat inside your head until the truth of it sinks in. –> There is no separation between mind and body.

So please take care of yourself on all levels. Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intuitive. Do it for yourself and do it for the higher good of all.

Changing the world means SHIFTING YOUR PERCEPTION (aka transmutation.)  It’s that easy and that hard. (Sometimes it is SO hard. Ugh.)

Now it’s your turn. Get a burrito from a friend or loved one, then give one.

aka – find your healthy balance. 🙂

This has been your not quite so serious and somewhat silly blog post.

Thanks for being here. I appreciate all my readers.

Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.

Cheers & happy reading,

Jody A Kessler

In case you didn’t know, I am not only an author, but a long time yoga teacher. However, philosophies, beliefs, and strange opinions are my own.

I also change my mind quite often (a basic right of being a female or human) so check back here for more caffeine-fueled future ramblings.

You can find my really long ramblings in the form of novels on Amazon. 😉


new Granite Lake Romance coming soon! 

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